Improve Your Social Media Consistency with These 9 Easy, Practical Tips

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Social media is an amazing way to connect with your audience and build authentic relationships. However, if you’re not creating regular content, any interest you’ve garnered disappears. Social media consistency is one of the most important pieces in the content strategy and creation process.

You wake up. Get ready and grudgingly give your to-do list your signature side-eye. Today is yet another day you put in the work for your business, but the one big mystery of how to feel motivated to post on social media makes your brain hurt and your skin itch.

You need more clients, and the bills won’t pay themselves. (If you’re quiet enough, you just might hear the rest of our collective sighs.) So you open up Instagram and start scrolling through…praying for inspiration that doesn’t ever come.

Raise your hand if the words “you need to post consistently” have given you emotional damage. It’s one of the biggest laymen’s laws floating around the online business space. Frankly, I’m so tired of hearing, reading, and seeing it.

Here are nine tips to help you improve your social media consistency.

social media consistency - consistent content

The Secret to Mastering Social Media Consistency

In this blog post, I talk all about why social media consistency matters and how you can learn to love creating consistent content that inspires your buyers:

Be realistic with your social media consistency

Set realistic goals for using social media. Don’t expect to use it all the time or become an expert at it overnight. Self-awareness is a HUGE asset online business owners can leverage. Be realistic in your expectations. Don’t try to be someone else, or try to be “the best.” Your commitments, boundaries, and dislikes usually won’t match that mega influencer or creator you follow.

Start small and THEN scale

You likely didn’t stumble your way into those skills or expertise you’re selling overnight. It’s taken time to channel your interest to be profitable for you. Whether you’re starting a brand new business or are just trying to revive your existing one, starting small can be what gives you the confidence, expectation, and energy you need to start posting more consistent content.

For example, you can start with one social media post a week. Once you get into the flow of committing to that schedule, bump it up to two or three posts a week. Scale your content and improve your social media consistency as you’re able to, so you never feel exhausted or resent your content calendar (more on this in a bit).

Know your audience and buyers

They likely won’t hear you if you try talking in a great, big convention center filled with several thousand distracted people. But if you take a few more targeted people into a smaller conference room, you’ll easily reach them!

One of the most basic marketing rules is knowing your audience: their interests, problems, desires, and hates. I want you to keep this at the heart of your marketing plan. It’s the perfect (and easiest) way to sell your offers, write your website, and create content. Everything you post to social media should always be relevant to your target audience!

Manage your expectations

I hate bursting bubbles, but don’t set up your social media platform expecting to go viral on day one. Meaningful growth takes time and a whole lot of patience. Managing your expectations is the follow-through part of being realistic.

Commit to an intentional workflow

Every good process practice to adopt stat is creating a workflow: mapping out how you’ll work most efficiently in your business! I get those big heart eyes like the emoji for intentionality around here, so of course I’m saying this.

Think about these things:

  • Who is responsible for what task
  • When you’ll work
  • How long your work sessions will be
  • If you’ll batch similar tasks together into one session
  • What tools you’ll need (if any)
  • What help you expect to lean on (if any)

Organize topics of your niche into content buckets

“Content buckets” might sound like a fancy buzzword (because it kind of is…), but breaking up your overall niche into smaller, relevant topics you regularly talk about on social media can be a quick way to cure writer’s block or ward off any signs/symptoms of imposter syndrome.

I plan on talking about content buckets in more extensive detail in a later post. For now, just know that they are high-level categories you can use to help organize your content as well as actually know what to write. For example, a photographer might have the following content buckets:

  • Full-service photography sessions
  • Brand awareness/about the owner
  • Niche/audience event engagement
  • Client testimonials/experiences
  • How-tos, photo session tips, behind-the-scenes antics

Create a content calendar

I think I’ve stressed the importance of social media consistency enough by now, but managing your content can actually be (or sometimes just feel like) a full-time job. A good, simple calendar can help simplify the process! A content calendar basically documents all social media posts and keeps track of which platforms you’re posting to.

I like to think of it like a budget, honestly. It lists out all of your upcoming content in a way that makes sense for you and is tailor-fit to YOUR business needs. I personally house my fancy one on my project management app called ClickUp, but yours can be a simple pen and paper or a spreadsheet.

Repurpose or revive old content

They don’t call me “The Copy Sloth” for no reason! I believe that shortcuts aren’t a bad thing. My version of self-care includes honoring my energetic ebbs and flows. Repurposing any of your older content can be the perfect way to reengage any followers you’ve ghosted.

Additionally, you can also tweak it. Look for any outdated info you need to update, and then hit post! If you feel guilty about doing this, create a new graphic in Canva.

Use templates to help you create consistent content

Sometimes, you just don’t know WHAT to say. Trust me, we all have those days. I’ve invested a pretty penny on content prompts to help me in a pinch. They give you the head start you might need and spark your creativity. They’re exactly like prompts.

If you need some help creating your social media content, I’ve created a full content plan packed with 25 evergreen prompts for you. Click the link to download them instantly, so you can get back to creating consistent content.

This post was all about social media consistency.

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Apr 6, 2022 | Social Media

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  1. Niharika Verma

    I needed this. Bit weak with my social media 🙂

  2. Nisee

    My biggest concern is having so many different platform and being consisting on all of them is very stressful. Thank you for sharing these tips. I’m going to focus more on that calendar idea.

  3. Vi Ho

    I completely agree that consistency is key to sustaining your audience’s interest. However, it’s also one of the hardest thing to do after starting a blog. Personally, I find creating a schedule and sticking to it helps. Starting small, then scaling it too helps. Thank you for sharing these useful tips!

  4. Nicolle

    Really good tips and a really good read! Thank you so much for putting this together 😉

  5. Amanda

    I’m interested to learn more about content buckets. I’ll look for that in the future!

  6. W. Santiago | Literal Med

    Social media is a must for marketing our blogs, products, and services. Thanks for sharing all this information.


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