13 Reasons Why Blogging Is Better Than Social Media for Creating Content That Actually Sells

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Slinging content and constantly showing up on Instagram can be exhausting. That’s why blogging is better than social media for creating content that actually sells your offers, services, and products.

One thing that brings me so much joy is creating a content plan. There’s just something about curating helpful content that will connect me to my people that lights me up.

But I’ve come to resent posting my content on social media. For so many reasons beyond my more laid-back or lazy nature. I think what finally got to me was because I don’t feel seen on social media.

There’s this expectation that you have to get vulnerable just to reach people. As an introvert, that makes me uncomfortable. And that can be a good thing. In the “real world,” I only share my most intimate insecurities and vulnerabilities with my closest friends and family members.

There’s something so inauthentic to me about getting down to that level…only to garner a few likes that never actually amount to anything.

Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE feeling uncomfortable. I feel like our biggest discoveries happen when we are. But I wanted a space of my own. In late 2021, I made the decision to step back from social media, and I instead shifted my focus to blogging.

Why Blogging Is Better Than Social Media

In this blog post, I talk all about why blogging is better than social media.

why blogging is better than social media

Should you quit social media for blogging, too? While I can’t totally answer that question on your behalf, I CAN give you a few insights into why I did.

The most popular next step for new or rebranding business owners is nailing down a marketing plan. This typically means that you pencil in “social media” somewhere on your mile-long to-do list.

Social media is all the rage these days. At least, that’s how it feels most days! Here are a few reasons why that’s the case:

  • It has very few rules – there are plenty of strategies, platforms, and tactics small and big creators can leverage to broadcast their message and reach their ideal people.
  • It’s open to everyone – unless you’re out here breaking terms of service or community guidelines left and right, you’ll likely notice the abundance of diversity on social media.
  • It’s free – not everyone has the time or the budget required to set up complicated paid ads.

“Anyone can do it,” you hear those experts in whatever niche you’ve made your temporary or permanent home. Right?

While those four words might sound like the perfect invitation for you to create all the accounts on all the platforms right now, let’s hold some of those horses. It’s really not so straightforward or simple.

Social media is now my side chick

Nothing against it, but I voted off most social media as my business’ main marketing strategy in 2022. (Is anyone else a Survivor fan?). Here are the top reasons why:

Tired of comparing myself to others

I get it! We all want to be the best at what we do. But comparing ourselves to the people we admire in our niche or industry is an invitation for burnout. Any time I showed up, I’d see others kicking names and taking ass:

  • Showing up every day on stories
  • Posting 3-5 reels a week
  • Engaging and following others on the reg
  • Publishing valuable content

What I’ve learned is that when you focus on YOUR business with your whole heart, you end up creating a more sustainable business that supports your core goals and desires without sacrificing your focus, confidence, or life.

I wasn’t showing up (despite my content plan)

I was just wasting my time. All the grand content plans, the endless scroll-search for the *perfect* trendy reels music (plus keeping up with all the new ones), and the lofty goals I never quite attain lead to me constantly feeling burnout and guilt for not showing up like everyone tells me to. I always intended to. But it never quite aligned with my mental health, availability, or mood.

Eventually, I noticed I spend more time carrying all that guilt, wrestling with imposter syndrome, and tweaking my content plan than working on and inside of my business. Fruit for thought: time wasted is money lost.

Fewer distractions

I get to pour my full focus into my business. I’m a perfectionist kind of optimizer. That’s actually more of a ME problem, but I know I’m not alone here!

I love stumbling across a new strategy and wrangling with my marketing plan enough to squeeze it in. But gone are those magnificent days of endless scrolling. Distraction is the number two killer of healthy productivity (just behind the lack of motivation/action).

90% of my clients come from Facebook groups and referrals

Don’t get me wrong! Reaching and connecting with other people is great, but I have to focus on the ideal buyers who actually need the resources and services I offer.

I tallied up all the leads and clients I worked with or connected with last year, and more than 90% of them were referrals or came to me from the various Facebook groups that I’m in. This might not be the most glamourous way for me to bring in more clients, but it’s effective!

Mindful over mindless

Ever notice how much time you actually spend on the platforms you’re on? It can be jarring! I’d rather be writing to be honest. In an effort to be the master of my energy going forward, I decided to cut myself off from the mindless rabbit holes social media platforms so often hide inside their algorithms.

All the time I invested into one platform (IG) is time I could have spent doing things that actually honor my true feelings and the amount of energy I am willing to commit to giving it.

Less spam

Especially on IG, I’m constantly bombarded by huns selling me the new snake-oil-of-the-month, bots who raid my message requests, and creepy old white men asking for feet pics (yep, it happens more than you might think).

I’m. Just. Over. All. Of. It.

Social media isn’t fulfilling to me

This is the BIG one. Social media just drains my energy and moves me away from doing what’s really important to me. Yes, it’s a good marketing channel for some. For me, it’s just not all that compatible with how I want to actually show up for my clients anymore.

I love to research and plan as much as the next millennial gal. But we all know you have to follow through with your content plan: not just create it!

Why blogging?

Long-form content is my jam! In my opinion, blogging is far more evergreen than most social media content. There’s less pressure to post “just because you have to” when you blog. Google typically favors (and rewards) bloggers who take their time to produce the best article possible. It just takes a little longer to get indexed in search and actually rank at first.

Faster growth potential

Once you get a batch of posts live on your blog and create consistent articles going forward, you see the growth begin to trickle in. In my experience on social media, it’s all about the numbers.

  • How many followers do you have?
  • How many people do you follow?
  • What post garnered the most engagement?
  • Which post has the most likes?

As a creative, I hate numbers. I’m just so over unnecessarily feeding my anxiety and attributing my success with a follower count. That might not be what YOU or others do, but I couldn’t get past doing this personally.

The people who stumble across my blog posts are people in the mindset of solving a problem. Whether they’re looking to DIY it or outsource it, I’m immediately helping someone with a problem I know a lot about. Blogging allows me to connect with like-minded people who share a common interest in a topic I care a lot about.

Profitable content

This is the biggest reason why blogging is better than social media. At the time of originally publishing this blog post, my platform of choice, Instagram, only barely rolled out story links to most or all accounts. I’m in a season of my business where links are a huge necessity for me.

I’m about to launch a few digital products. So having the ability to sell sans the whole “link in bio” bit is better for offering people interested in checking out more info about them a better, easier experience. Ultimately, content that is actually profitable (and trackable) is something high up on my priority list this year.

I’m unconventional

I’m an unconventional, childless, and married 31-year-old introverted millennial who adores her nerdy hubby and 3 cats

Ever feel like the oddball out in the cafeteria room? Yeah, that’s me! Social media is a place where you go to OVERsell yourself: show off the best pieces of your life and romanticize what it’s like to be Y-O-U.

It’s a great place to be if you…

  • Have kids (or are younger)
  • Love oversharing your vulnerabilities
  • Are body positive or have a strong political or social message
  • Are a newbie brand new with your business

I’m not a mom. And while I might be body positive, I don’t radiate an abundance of confidence. In fact, I really struggle with my body (thanks, pandemic). My life is actually pretty boring. Not aesthetic.

All of that up there ^ is the real me. I just don’t see the point in pretending anymore. Blogging offers me a space to show up as my most authentic self!

Yes, there are probably millions of people who feel the exact same way as me. But rather than sifting through the ever-changing IG algorithm to find them, I want to write my heart on the screen with words from my heart.

Improve my domain authority

Buying a domain and setting up your website is only the beginning. I want my marketing on autopilot. That means that I have to start paying attention to things like my domain authority. The best way to do this is through blogging: creating and offering valuable content that people want to reshare elsewhere.

Improving domain authority is a b*tch. But once you get it going, it’s only a waiting game until it optimizes (especially if you’re consistent with your blog)! I’ve already started to see meaningful results by “skipping the line” by manually submitting my posts for indexing on Google Search Console.

Improve my ranking in google

Okay, so this kind of piggybacks off of the last point, but that’s how damn important my Google ranking is to me. The better I rank in search, the more eyes organically find my website. That potentially means more clients finding me when they search something like “find a copywriter” into that search bar.

Share my expertise in depth

You might hear a lot about the latest couple of generations’ short attention span being the reason why you HAVE to be using all the latest features on social media, but I call bullsh*t.

As a millennial, I appreciate deep-level help when I actually have a problem. You wouldn’t rely solely on learning how to code a website from a single social media post. You’d look for an in-depth YouTube video tutorial or a lengthy blog post that guides you step-by-step.

Not everything can or even should be a blog post, but I see a TON of social media posts that could be a helpful, value-rich piece of blog content that continues to go neglected. 

This post was all about why blogging is better than social media.

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Mar 14, 2022 | Growth strategy

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    Blogging is better then social media!!! Lol to much crap on social media lately.

  2. Cindy Snyder

    Wow this is an awesome article. My blog is all about my content. My words aren’t used to just facilitate a sale.
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