Testimonial Disclaimer

Last Updated: January 12, 2022


The testimonials, reviews, endorsements, and insights (the “Testimonials”) presented on TheCopySloth.com (the “Site’ and “our”) are for illustrative purposes only and are applicable to the individuals depicted. 

The Testimonials are a reflection of the unique experiences and opinions of the individuals depicted. Results may vary and may not be representative of the experience of others using our products and/or services.

The Testimonials are not intended to represent, promise, or guarantee that others will achieve the same or similar results. The experiences depicted on the Site may not be typical. Unique experiences and past performances are not predictive of future results.

The Testimonials are voluntarily provided and no compensation of any sort was provided in exchange.

The Testimonials are published on the Site verbatim as provided by the individuals depicted, except for the correction of grammar, general sentence structure, or typos. Some extraneous information irrelevant to the testimonials, reviews, endorsements, and insights may have been removed or shortened for the purpose of brevity or clarity.

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