Let’s inspire your buyers

get serious about your brand and content

There’s a reason they call it a word count. Because they matter!

Good copywriting & messaging show your ideal clients and customers that you refuse to confuse them.

So let’s transform your exhausting pursuit of the perfect words into copy and content that inspires and empowers your perfect ideal buyers.

Creative Copywriting



1:1 Copywriting + Content Strategy Intensives

Launch & Marketing Copy and Content

starting at $950

From your launch to list, you need copy that shows & sells your offers, story, and brand. I write copy for websites, sales pages, blog posts, weekly emails, & more.

Let’s talk process!

  • 1:1 brand brief call
  • Copy strategy & deliverable breakdown
  • Copy wireframing & outlining
  • Review handover
  • Revisions
  • Final delivery

Repurpose your video or audio content

starting at $600

I transform up to 4 pieces of your video and/or audio content (up to 20 minutes per piece) for up to 4 weeks of marketing and social media content. Per video or audio piece, you get:

  • 1-week content plan
  • 1 blog post
  • 1 list email
  • 3 social media posts
  • 2 live topics + outlines
  • 15 hashtag suggestions
  • 5 trending reels audio suggestions

Copywriting & Content Strategy Intensive

1:1 strategy call at $199

In just 75 minutes, you’ll go from confused to clear about the hows, whys, and whats of posting content online like the genius you are.

This strategy intensive is the best way to get your questions, stresses, and curiosities in front of an expert without the big investment of hiring a copy or content writer.

Here’s what you get:

🖥️ Within 24 business hours, I send you our recorded call.

☎️ In case you still need things clarified, I support you for 5 days of additional Voxer support.

Copy Templates & Content Strategy Courses

Self-paced courses & templates

Never let words at the tip of your tongue stop you from selling your offers and signature brand story! I’ve curated my best copywriting and content strategy templates & courses for ya.

Check ’em out:

  • Copywriting templates and hacks
  • Content creation guides
  • Content management
  • Repurposing help
  • Cures for content overwhelm
  • Self-paced courses & solutions

Need something else?

Send me your project’s details for a custom quote. I write copy and content for launches, marketing, social media, and more. Let’s chat!