I’m Aubrey McShan, The Copy Sloth


There’s a better way to write copy and create, manage, and post content. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that time is precious. What we choose to do with every minute matters.

So does the way you market your business to potential buyers!

From creative copywriter to introvert marketing blogger…

 I’ve written compelling, clear copy for clients ranging from multi-billion-dollar brands to small digital agencies over the past 9 years.

No matter who the client is, no one wants to be a slave to their next launch or stress out about a fast-approaching deadline. That’s where I, a nerdy, thirty-ish, and thriving copy and content nerd slash dad joke aficionado, come in.

Aubrey wrote my social media content better than my tragic self could! She has a way of capturing a brand’s voice in a way that captures the reader’s attention, shares the transformation they will experience, and amplifies the skills of the business owner. She truly sets the standard for conversion copywriters. THANK YOU! 

Christina M.

Sales Development Strategist

Aubrey is an expert! Her creative writing style & voice were the perfect fit for my brand’s social media content, weekly emails, and blog posts. Her copy & content allowed me to nurture my list and sharpen the way I share my expertise on my website and social media. I love how engaged my community is—all while I’m able to focus on other pieces in my business without worrying that my audience’s needs were lacking.

AdeOla F.

Podcast Producer

We needed to develop a launch plan/funnel that converts a warm audience into sales. Aubrey helped us do just that! We chose to work with her because she has a writer’s mind, the ability to describe what we do in a clearer way than we could ourselves. Her 1:1 launch strategy session gave us clarity on which strategy worked best for our business. Working with her helped me think about funnels more clearly!

Layla P.

Systems Strategist

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