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  1. Thank you for this! I try so hard to balance nurturing genuine connections while trying to make money as well….and it is hard! I am pinning this for future reference that I know I will return to often!

  2. YES! I wish every copywriter would adhere to these rules – high pressure and guilt/ shame does NOT produce trust in customers, and even if you make the sale, they are likely to avoid you next time or find a better alternative.

  3. It’s true that slipping into old habits will happen at times. We are humans after all and bound to make mistakes. But so important to be kind to ourselves at that moment and gently work toward being better. With enough practice, these instances are reduced significantly.
    Thank you for this post. I love it xx

  4. There is so much here to digest! The particular point about creating a community rather than followers really connects with me. I’d much rather be spending my time with people that are genuinely interested in the conversation rather than just having a staggeringly high number to show everyone how many followers I have.

  5. Lots of good info to take in here! Bringing in an income in blogging was not my first focus, but as I look at that as a potential benefit this is super helpful.