21 Email Content Ideas To Send To Your List This Week

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Learn all about the 21 email content ideas you can send out this week.

email content ideas

Don’t let a lack of email content ideas be the reason your list goes cold on you! Your list, at least in my opinion, is more important to build than your social media platform.

Prioritizing it should be a higher concern on your (probably) long to-do list. But don’t worry! Keeping up with yours doesn’t have to be the cause of anxiety or stress.

In this post, you’ll learn about email content ideas you can send to your list this week.

email content ideas

21 Email Content Ideas

I’ve heard that familiar record scratch before — you know, that loud one in the back of your head when you realize it’s the middle of the week, and you haven’t written an email to your list of subscribers in at least a few weeks?

That sharp, cold spike that races down your spine as you try to rack your noggin for just one idea. It could be ANY idea! But then those pesky crickets cue?

If that’s a common occurrence for you, keep reading!

‘Best of’ round-up

These ‘best of’ round-up posts can be super value and a great opportunity for monetizing your content. The great thing about these is that you can promote various affiliate products you love, share your free resources, or even direct your readers to your social media accounts.

This round-up post can be for any content you’ve created online. Here are a few ideas:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Free resources
  • Weekly live videos
  • Products
  • YouTube videos
  • Podcasts

Favorite tech, tips, or tools

When you’re in the market for an addition to your tech stack or want the best tips for a specific thing, sending a brief collection of your favorite tech, apps, and/or subscriptions can be very valuable!

Here are a few ideas to tease in an email:

  • Your tech stack
  • Favorite Amazon products
  • Best productivity tools
  • Services or subscriptions you need in your business
  • Favorite social media marketing tools you use

Answer your FAQs

If you receive the same questions over and over again, this is one of the most perfect email content ideas for you! This gives you the opportunity to address some of those as well as any objections your ideal clients or target audience might have.

Where to “gather” or check for your frequently asked questions online:

  • Social media comments
  • Private message inboxes
  • Past emails you’ve received from clients
  • Voxer, Slack, Facebook groups, etc.

Share your latest live on social media

Chances are that not all of your subscribers also follow you on social media. If you’ve recently unpacked a valuable topic live on social media, sending out a brief message to your list linking to it and inviting them to watch it can be one of the best email content ideas for your subscribers.

If you don’t know where to begin going live, here are a few suggestions:

  • YouTube/Twitch
  • Instagram
  • Facebook group (that you own)
  • TikTok (when you hit 1k followers)

Show a behind-the-scenes peek into your day, week, or upcoming month

We’re all a little bit nosey. I love getting a peek behind the proverbial curtain in others’ businesses and lives. If you’re an introvert like me, you’re probably uncomfortable with sharing every little thing throughout your day.

I getchu!

But just because we thrive on our privacy/being alone, that doesn’t have to mean we can’t be comfortable sharing something with our followers/subscribers. Here’s a short list of ideas you can share if you don’t know where to start:

  • Share a peek at a project you’re working on
  • Show off your workspace
  • Screen record your desktop and share your workflow
  • Share your favorite tool or Amazon product

Ask how you can help your subscribers this week

If you have at least 100 subscribers, one of the best email content ideas you can send to your list this week is asking them an important question. Offer yourself as a resource to them by asking them how you can help them.

Whether they are simply looking for a free resource you have on hand or they need a few minutes of your time to overcome something you know a lot about, genuine connection is a great way to build an authentic relationship with your list subscribers.

Rapid-fire tips list

One of the most fun email content ideas I’ve sent is a list of straight value, rapid-fire tips! This doesn’t have to be exhaustive or long. This could be an easy top three or five list if you hate writing long emails.

Think about things and topics you like to learn about. You can send a list of:

  • Best marketing tips your clients actually care about
  • Best advice you’ve ever received (or read online/in books)
  • Top tips for your favorite business tool
  • Step-by-step tutorial preview about how to do something

Update an older social media post

Your whole library of content may not be evergreen, but you can always take a popular or well-received social media caption and refresh it if the message or topic is still relevant or good. They say it takes at least seven times to see one piece of content or copy for someone to take an action. So chances are, the likelihood of your list of email subscribers having already seen that content is pretty slim.

Content repurposing should be your best friend! There’s nothing wrong with pasting in a section (or even all) of your old posts to share it with more people: especially if it’s packed with incredible value!

Survey your email list

When you feel out of touch with your list subscribers, there’s no harm in sending them a survey about what exactly they want to see or receive from you. In fact, this could be a great opportunity to segment your list a little further. That way, you get to send the right emails to the correct people — bolstering your open and click-through rates!

You can ask them…

  • What type of content do they want to see from you?
  • Do they feel supported (or educated) by your current content?
  • Do they want more value, resources, or training/support from you?
  • Which content would they rather see from you?

Break the biggest myths in your niche or industry

You don’t have to have niche connections in the underground of your industry to share something insightful with your list. Whether that commonly known myth is a pet peeve that works you up like nothing else or it’s truly ground-breaking news you have to share, share it!

Unpack a strategy that actually worked for you

It’s a best practice to test out any strategy for at least 90 days. So if you’ve found a bombshell strategy that worked for you, share those results with your list! This could be the thing that helps out those few who are on the hunt for that perfect solution you have! It could be a great opportunity to invite them to purchase one of your offers if you have that available.

Biggest mistakes

One of my favorite posts I’ve written so far has been the 43 biggest blogging mistakes to avoid. There are so many opportunities to turn this into one of the most valuable email content ideas.

Others can learn from the biggest mistakes you’ve personally made or the more common ones you’ve seen others make. The point of this idea is to share your experiences with your subscribers/audience to build up your brand.

Share a testimonial or case study

Not every email you send has to give that pesky value you hear so much about! Your email list exists to increase your sales. Don’t be afraid to share a killer case study or testimonial.

And, no! The case studies or testimonials you share don’t have to move mountains or shake the Earth. Results are results. Be proud of the work you do, and share it!

Growth report

I started posting my monthly growth reports back in April of 2022. The response I had to that initial post was so encouraging! Not enough small bloggers open up enough and talk about their abysmal results. After all, who the heck celebrates only earning $0.05 in a single month?

Well, I do!

Out of all of these email content ideas, I think this one is the most important! You shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed of your results.

It’s unrealistic to expect a six-figure blog or business at the starting line. That’s why I’m so proud of those five cents. Blogging and running an online business is hard! We should celebrate every milestone and create a space of encouragement where possible.

Teach them ‘How to’ do something

Teaching moments are the foundation of nurturing an email list. I love it when I open up a good email that blows my mind. It doesn’t have to be rocket science, either! Send them your latest how-to YouTube video or a cool, helpful, and detailed blog post.

Tease an upcoming offer launch (and start a waitlist)

Marketing your products, services, and other offers can’t start soon enough. Share the status of the project or your personal progress as you develop them with your email list.

This can be one of the best email content ideas to share with them because you can begin to segment your list and know who is interested in the offer before you even launch it!

Here are a few ideas for you to think about sharing:

  • Share what tools you’re using to develop or host it
  • Share the inspiration behind why you’re creating it
  • Share the exact problem this offer will solve

Repurpose your most popular social media post

If you have any amount of content online, you should have analytics or insights at the ready (as long as you’ve been active at all in the last 90 days or so). Use this data to your benefit!

You can go in and find the most popular (or most engaged) piece of content and repurpose it as an email. Simply refresh it, tailor it if needed, and post!

Release a new freebie (just to your list)

If it’s been a while since you’ve sent your last email, one of the most strategic email content ideas you can send to your list this week is sending them a free resource. You can either create a quick, new checklist just for your existing subscribers or create a more in-depth resource like a video training.

Whichever feels more authentic to your workload and brand, make it something super valuable that no one else can get anywhere else online.

Share your story

There’s a reason you started your business. Your why can be the best thing to share with your list if it’s been a while since they last heard from you.

Out of all of these email content ideas, this is probably the most important to keep on your radar. You’re not just a business or a brand. You’re a person! Bank on that and connect with your ideal clients, buyers, or subscribers.

Recommend a good book you’ve read

Sometimes simple is best. One of the easiest email content ideas you can share with your list this week is a good book recommendation. I love discovering new personal development or self-help books when I feel like I need a bit more support. Consider this easy idea!

Shoutout your social media accounts

Sometimes your subscribers might not even know where you’re active online. That’s why it’s a great best practice to include links to your social media accounts down at the bottom of every email. However, that’s not always enough.

One of the easiest email content ideas to include in your welcome sequence to new (or reengaging) subscribers is a round-up list of all of your social media. Bonus points if you also include a short explanation about what you do on them!

This post was all about email content ideas you can send to your list this week.

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  8. Ashley | Frugalish Family Finance

    This was so helpful! I haven’t gotten the hang of sending emails yet, and this post was perfect. Definitely pinning so I can refer back to it. Thanks for sharing!

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