The 9 Best Marketing Methods For Introvert Entrepreneurs

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Most online business and marketing advice is geared toward extroverts. Here are the best marketing methods for introvert entrepreneurs you should consider for your business.

best marketing methods for introvert entrepreneurs

How many times have you heard everyone say, “Just be consistent!”? Maybe the problem isn’t that you’re not consistent on social media. What if you were just on the wrong platforms or focusing too much on the wrong marketing channels?

People swear that doing this ONE thing is literally all you need to find success online. But blind consistency without a clear marketing strategy is something most introverted entrepreneurs cannot afford.

This post is all about the best marketing methods for introvert entrepreneurs.

best marketing methods for introvert entrepreneurs

Check out the best marketing methods for introverts

With these 9 best marketing methods for introvert entrepreneurs, you might be able to salvage your marketing plan.

9 best marketing methods for introverts

Introvert marketing isn’t the same thing as “traditional” digital marketing. Historically, this space welcomes extroverts more warmly. At least in my experience. I’ve heard (and bought into) things like…

  • “You need to connect with 10 new leads every day via DM.”
  • “This new dance trend from TikTok is HOT on IG reels right now.”
  • “Going LIVE every day for a few minutes will build more authentic engagement.”

Those tactics definitely work…for other people. Introverts, though? We’re just wired differently.

As an introvert entrepreneur, I’ve really struggled with my marketing. It’s taken me a while to learn that I should ditch anything that feels unnatural to me in my marketing plan. So I have!

Check out these 9 marketing options for introverts:


Although the team behind Pinterest has slowly been shifting toward a shopping platform over the last few years, it’s still a social search engine! That means that all content you post onto your account is evergreen.

The buyer/customer journey is hot and thriving on Pinterest. Naturally, that means there’s built-in buyer intent! I plan on talking more in-depth about what exactly buyer intent is, but for now, just know that 75% of all of Pinterest’s active weekly users claim they’re always shopping according to Hootsuite.

But don’t over-glamorize Pinterest for what it’s not. Despite what all those videos on YouTube say, not everyone will see your pin and buy it sight unseen. It takes real effort, intentionality, and energy to grow a successful Pinterest account.

Here are some of my favorite introvert-friendly things about Pinterest:

  • Use Canva to create reusable branded templates for quick pin creation.
  • Content is evergreen once posted.
  • There’s little-to-no “social” pressure felt from other platforms.
  • It’s diverse in what type of content thrives on the platform.
  • It’s accessible to most people and doesn’t require any fancy cameras or tech know-how.


Hands down, one of the best marketing methods for introverts is blogging! It takes much lower effort to put together than making videos for YouTube. But it’s so much more than the fact you don’t have to get “camera ready” every time it’s time to post a video again.

You might think that blogging takes a lot of work to get started and as much upkeep to maintain; however, it’s important to keep in mind that things can be as simple or as complicated as you make them.

I’ve mentioned in the past that the only metric that actually matters is your return on investment (or “ROI” for short). By posting frequent, high-quality content to your blog, you’ll have the best opportunity to curate a content ecosystem that supports your ideal customer’s buyer intent.

TIP: Buyer intent is simply information that supports the framework of your business’ strategies: from your marketing strategy to your lead generating strategy. Staying in touch with exactly what your ideal clients or customers care about, want, or need helps you tighten up the content you post online.

These are some of the best benefits of blogging:

  • I can express myself in an empowering way.
  • I get to redefine what introvert marketing looks like to me and my specific business.
  • I help others with my expertise without having to stumble over my words on video.

Email list

Email marketing is by far the best way for introverts to nurture their leads. It’s all on YOUR terms, and you know that, hypothetically speaking, most people who join your list is (at minimum) are interested in your free offers or lead magnets. (You can learn more about those here.)

One of the greatest advantages of having a consistent list is that you control it. Your subscribers have two options for each email you send to them: read it or delete it. There are no algorithms to please, and it’s completely yours.

Having an email list is also a great way to vet leads. In most email marketing tools, you can track all sorts of metrics to keep track of who cares about you, your expertise, and your offers. Just don’t give too much stock in what’s called vanity metrics.

Vanity metrics are so often glorified online, so it’s important to stop overvaluing them. Here are the best examples of what vanity metrics are:

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Subscribers
  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Pageviews
  • Open rates

Instead, find metrics that help you curate a lead ecosystem of buyers or learners: both can convert in their own way! The most overlooked goldmine you should be focusing on instead is engagement metrics:

  • Genuine comments
  • Direct messages 
  • Story replies
  • Saves
  • Shares
  • Clickthroughs (if you’re on Pinterest)
  • Engaged email subscribers:
    • Clicks
    • Sales/conversions

Simply put: you CANNOT CONTROL how many followers you have, how many likes a post will get, or how many people will see it. That’s why engagement metrics are the ones that really matter.


Hear me out for this…I know it takes a LOT of effort to just get a podcast created or conceptualized. I’m not discounting that AL ALL. However, I think a lot of introverts fool themselves into believing they can’t do it on the basis of who they are.

Podcasting might be one of the best marketing methods for your business — especially if you repel even the thought of creating video content. Our voices are powerful. And words have a lot more reach than you might give them credit for.

The biggest hurdle most introverts face when it comes to podcasting is one word: fear. Thankfully, you can overcome this with just two simple steps:

  • Identify why you’re afraid of putting yourself out there
  • Create a plan about how you can overcome or work around this fear

Introverts aren’t boring. We’re loud in our own unique ways. And we certainly deserve a space in the podcast market! Statista recently shared data that signaled that out of all United States consumers, almost 60% of them listen to podcasts.

Podcast guesting

Just in case starting a podcast seems overwhelming to you, guesting on other niche-relevant podcasts is the perfect alternative! Skip the stress, and just show up.

Adding podcast guesting to your marketing strategy for introvert entrepreneurs can mean quality networking opportunities plus serious exposure to niche-relevant audiences. Collaborating with existing podcasters can get the word out about your business with relative ease and without the set-up hassle that creating and launching a podcast requires.

Simply search “podcast guesting” into Facebook’s search bar to find the most engaged, popular groups to network in. That’s how I’ve found guest spaces on podcasts in past!

Facebook groups

Since we’re on the topic of Facebook groups, I want to mention that they’re a powerful place to get started in your business journey as well as continue building it over time. Out of all of these introvert marketing strategies, it remains one of the best marketing methods I’ve used to grow my own business.

One thing of note is that you should always pay attention to the individual group rules you join. Most have a strict no promotion rule; however, I’ve found a ton of them offer up weekly or even monthly opportunities to do so in a designated post.

Join these Facebook groups with the intention of networking and helping out that specific community. Nobody likes constant promo dumping or spamming.

If you also have a blog, check out my post all about the 9 best Facebook groups for bloggers to join.

If you’ve ever had the itch to boost up your reach online, paid advertising can be your introvert marketing method of choice. But this comes with a HUGE caveat: I want you to consider a few things before you start churning out that money…

  • Know your offer
  • Know your audience
  • Know your budget
  • Know your desired goal

Paid ads can get very expensive — and fast! If you can’t answer any of those four things, you’re probably not ready to run ads yet. And that’s okay!

I’d recommend watching at least a few YouTube tutorials on the platform you’re interested in at a minimum. Alternatively, you might consider finding a nice online course.

The reason I’m throwing this idea on this list is that it’s definitely a viable route to consider if you’re ready and well prepared. Even with an ad spend budget of $5 per day, you can see some meaningful results.


Out of all the non-SEO platforms (social media options) out there, I think Twitter comes in as my number one! Although I avoid it like the plague on days I’m not feeling my best or days my mental health is in the dumps, it’s the best way to spark and engage in meaningful conversation on the fly.

Networking is so important for business owners. Twitter takes it to another level! Introverts might pass over this gem of a platform at first, but I encourage you to reconsider.

Twitter gives all users equal access to others, making it so easy to participate in whatever conversations are happening that day. The platform is designed to be quick and fast-paced. And you don’t even need a personal invitation (a mention as it’s called on Twitter) to take part in the chatter.

So why do I love it as an introvert?

Simply put, it’s not a platform I need to log into every day — just when I want to. Growth opportunities have really shifted on Twitter over the years, so I don’t personally use it as a means to grow my business.

I hang out on Twitter to keep up with the latest chatter and other experts in my niche as well as my line of work — on my terms. I steer clear of Twitter when any triggering news stories pop up on my trending list to keep my mental health in order. That way, I’m always able to keep up a healthy mindset.


I wanted to include this because a ton of introverts I know find a lot of success with this. Personally, I’ve never leaned into using this platform as a source of leads; although, I’m heavily reconsidering it!

LinkedIn is where thought leadership thrives! Sure, video content does well everywhere. But the content you can be posting on here is so much more than that.

I’ve found in my experience following others and managing my client’s LinkedIn accounts that other users on the site very much connect with the more impactful content — not just the trends or the how-to content.

If you’ve overcome something powerful in your career or have a unique perspective on a topic within the professional space, introverts can definitely reach a lot of leads using LinkedIn. It’s absolutely a contender for being one of the best marketing methods for introverts online.

Final Thoughts

Introvert marketing does not have to be a chore nor does it need to be hard. With these best marketing methods, introverts have the opportunity to align their voices with their business goals in the most authentic way.

This post was all about the best marketing methods for introvert entrepreneurs.

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