The Ultimate List of 25 Websites that Offer Affordable Advertising for Bloggers

I wrote this post with love and intention. It may contain relevant affiliate links that give me a small commission at no additional cost to you if you make purchases with them. Please see my disclaimers for more information.

Tired of waiting for months to rank in Google? Here’s everything you need to know about finding advertising for bloggers!

This rabbit hole we call blogging offers so many different paths to growth. Every day, I’m learning new things that I’m excited to try out. But when I discovered the world of advertising for bloggers, I knew I needed to at least give it a shot!

The biggest problem I have with blogging is that I’m comfortable admitting that I’m the most impatient Sagittarius in the world. Think of Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. The whole “I want it now” attitude? That’s how I feel about ranking in search.

Thankfully, there are a few methods we have to experiment with. I’ve mentioned in the past how I grew my blog earnings by more than 5000% in just my second month of blogging seriously. Here’s option two…

In this post, you’ll learn all about advertising for bloggers.

advertising for bloggers

Everything You Should Know About Advertising for Bloggers

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The basics of Advertising for bloggers

Let me clarify what I mean by “advertising for bloggers.” I’m not talking about the traditional Facebook, Google, or Pinterest ads.

Though those are certainly great options for those of you who know what you’re doing, they’re not very beginner-friendly and can quickly blow through your marketing budget. That’s why seeking out bloggers with mature websites and a well-established audience can be a good alternative!

Why pay to advertise your blog?

The reason why you should consider paying to advertise your blog is that organic reach just isn’t what it used to be on social media. Search engines like Google, YouTube, & Pinterest can also have an exhausting waiting period before they index your content.

Put simply, paying to advertise your blog can mean significant traffic to your website in the early days of your blogging journey. With just a small pool of money per month, you can reach an entirely different network of leads and potential clients/customers on your own terms.

What is domain authority?

One of the biggest perks of this method of advertising your blog is that you get the chance to build up your website’s domain authority (DA). Without getting too technical, domain authority is just one of the metrics search engines use to score websites.

A score ranges from one to 100. Traditionally, the higher yours is, the better your blog post can rank in the search engine results pages (SERP).

If you’re curious about your blog’s current domain authority, you can see yours with Ahrefs’ free website “authority” checker tool. No need to sign up to use this tool. Simply paste in your domain into the search bar and hit enter to see your results.

Is domain authority important for bloggers?

At the end of the day, your website’s domain authority is simply a metric. And it’s not standardized, either. That means that Google doesn’t give you this information.

You’ll have to rely on third-party tools like the one I mentioned above to show you where your blog stands. My verdict, though, is that it is important — to a point.

DA is not the end-all, be-all for ranking in search results. Obviously, the higher it is, the more established your website tends to be.

I wouldn’t personally get too caught up in building this up, as it takes quite a bit of time to flesh out. There are much more important things for you to do with your time than focus solely on this as a blogger!

How to increase domain authority

One of the most popular (and almost fruitless) ways of increasing your domain authority is building up backlinks. This can quickly turn into a very technical article, so to spare you that minefield, I want to simplify this into basic concepts.

Backlinks happen when anyone links to your website on other domains, online forums, or on social media. It used to be common practice to buy them, but Google REALLY penalizes sites that do this now.

Google’s updated search algorithm as of 2021-2022 favors original, engaging, and informative content. Building up your blog around that principle will get your further in the SERP than just buying a whole bunch of meaningless backlinks.

This method of intentional advertising for bloggers allows you to build up industry or niche-relevant backlinks over time. It can then help to increase your domain’s authority score and improve your posts’ rankings.

How to find blog advertisers

Advertising for bloggers can be simpler than you think! It took me a while to curate this list of 25 blogs that accept advertisers.

There are two ways I’ve found these websites/blogs:

How do I advertise my blog?

The process varies from website to website; however, the general process loosely follows this general structure:

  • Choose the blogger/website
  • Contact them via a website form about becoming their advertiser
  • Send payment/any assets and info they need for the month

If/when you’re accepted as an advertiser for the month, they will market your business on your behalf. This looks a little different website-to-website and depends greatly on which of their packages you choose.

However, here are a few examples of what marketing efforts you can expect them to do for you each month:

  • Branded button on their blog’s sidebar for the month
  • Possible “meet my advertisers” style blog post feature
  • Social media shares of a few of your blog posts
  • Follow Fridays shoutout on social media
  • A round-up style advertisers newsletter to their list
  • …and more!

What assets do you need for advertising your blog?

I generally recommend having a small collection of graphics, bios, & other assets (also known as a media kit) on hand for marketing purposes. Every time you network with other brands or business owners, there’s the opportunity of collaborating with them. Having this information ready to go cuts down the work you’ll have to do when this opportunity pops up.

I’ve seen the following show up as a requirement on most of these websites/blogs:

  • Quality headshot
  • Brief bio
  • A branded banner (size and specifications vary)
  • A minimum of 3-5 blog published posts they’ll promote

The Ultimate List of 25 Sites for Advertising for Bloggers

Most of these sites have packages as affordable as $3-$5 USD per month. Some go as high as $25 USD. Of course, pay attention to what they offer you for those prices. Make sure what they include in the package you choose aligns with your marketing plans and goals.

For instance: If they go heavy on promoting your Facebook page but you’re not actively prioritizing it, find another blog or website that more closely aligns with your strategy.

With all the basics hashed out, let’s dive into the list of potential advertising for bloggers. I’ve organized all the websites/blogs by region, so you can choose ones that relate to your market and demographics.

North America

I thought I’d find more of these, honestly. While this section of the list isn’t quite as extensive as I’d like, here are websites run by people located in the west that offer advertising for bloggers:


If your audience isn’t just based around North America, here are websites owned by people across the pond that offer advertising for bloggers:

Asia/Pacific Islands

I spent quite a few hours putting this list together. So I was surprised to only find one blog in this region that offers advertising for bloggers.

Ideally, I’d love to have at least 5 to link for you here, but my search came up a bit short. Here is the current list of people in the Asian/Pacific Islands region who offer advertising for bloggers:

*If you offer blog advertising or similar promotional services and you live in this region, please contact me via email so I can add you to this list!


I categorized the following websites as “Miscellaneous” because I couldn’t find out their location:

Final Thoughts

Overall, these blog advertising options can really make the difference in your marketing efforts. For an affordable price, you can increase your awareness online and reach new leads, clients, and/or customers.

Just be sure the blogs/websites you choose to pursue align with your industry, ideal clients, or niche at a minimum.

Have a blog or a website that accepts advertisers? Feel free to send me an email with your domain, advertiser URL, & general location. I’d love to add you to this list!

This post was all about advertisers for bloggers.

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  1. The Curious Dig

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  2. Margaret

    How is this OK with Google’s rules around link-building? Wouldn’t this be something where you can get penalized due to buying a do follow link?

    • Aubrey McShan

      I believe most (if not all) only use either the “spons” or “nofollow” link tags. In that case, you wouldn’t really get much love for DA. It’s mostly just gaining exposure to a new or similar audience based on my experience. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I'm All Booked Up

    Thanks so much for sharing all the websites offering advertising. We’re considering looking at advertising with a North American blogger.

  4. Sandra Ans from My Small Travel Guide

    I didn’t expect to see my blog on your list, but that’s so cool when people recognize my blog and find it helpful. ♥ Thank you a lot! ♥ Also, the list of UK/Europe websites offering blog advertising is excellent! I know many bloggers from there and a few of them have advertised also my blog! The blogging community overall is great and I find it so amazing when we can help each other. Great post!

  5. Caroline

    Great list of bloggers for advertising! I find it so useful to advertise on higher DA sites, and love to host bloggers too 🙂


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