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  1. How is this OK with Google’s rules around link-building? Wouldn’t this be something where you can get penalized due to buying a do follow link?

    1. I believe most (if not all) only use either the “spons” or “nofollow” link tags. In that case, you wouldn’t really get much love for DA. It’s mostly just gaining exposure to a new or similar audience based on my experience. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I didn’t expect to see my blog on your list, but that’s so cool when people recognize my blog and find it helpful. ♥ Thank you a lot! ♥ Also, the list of UK/Europe websites offering blog advertising is excellent! I know many bloggers from there and a few of them have advertised also my blog! The blogging community overall is great and I find it so amazing when we can help each other. Great post!