9 Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers that Get You Massive traffic Growth

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Getting traffic as a blogger can be one of the biggest sources of frustration. However, here are the 9 best Facebook groups for bloggers that get you massive traffic growth.

When you run a small blog, you might get discouraged about the lack of traffic or community around you. That’s why Facebok groups have quickly become one of my favorite ways to connect with other bloggers!

All of these groups are active as of May 2022.

In this post, you’ll learn about the 9 best Facebook groups for bloggers.

best facebook groups for bloggers

How to get massive traffic for your blog

If you’ve read my latest small blog growth report for April 2022, you’ll know I only had about 172 pageviews for the whole month. It’s only about halfway through May, and I’ve already surpassed 586 pageviews!

Ranking in Google can take months. That’s why I believe that all bloggers should take their fate into their own hands as much as possible.

I don’t personally choose to participate in many of the social media threads in these groups. Social media has fallen farther down on my marketing plan. I’m fully focused on growing my blog, so I mostly stick to networking with the blog comment and share posts.

Keep reading to learn how I tripled my blog’s traffic in less than one month by just networking and supporting others in the best Facebook groups for bloggers.

Join these 9 best Facebook groups for bloggers

These are the best Facebook groups for bloggers and have become some of my favorite places to hang out online.

Blogging for New Bloggers with Lucrezia and Marina

The Blogging for New Bloggers Facebook group has become one of my favorite places to be online! Out of all the groups I mention in this post, it’s THIS one where I find the best engagement and meaningful, authentic participation in the daily themed posts.

The community here is active and ready to return your comments, shares, and follows without the icky vibes. This is such a helpful community to be a part of.

The group has the following post themes:

  • Monday Facebook Followers
  • Tuesday Re-Pin
  • Wednesday Sharing is Power
  • Thursday Instagram Followers
  • Thursday Blog Post Comments
  • Saturday Social Media Following
  • Sunday Blog Posts Comments or Shares

Becoming a Blogger

The Becoming a Blogger Facebook group is another great community I’m in quite a bit. There are a lot of supportive bloggers ready to help answer any questions you might have in this group.

The group has the following post themes:

  • Monday Instagram Promo
  • Tuesday Twitter Promo
  • Wednesday Blog Posts
  • Thursday Pinterest Promo
  • Friday Facebook Promo
  • Saturday Promote Yourself
  • Sunday Video Views
  • Sunday Collab & Barter

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

The Bloggers Supporting Bloggers Facebook group is a great, welcoming place to connect with other bloggers, ask questions and learn about growing your blog.

The group has the following post themes:

  • Monday Blog Post Thread
  • Tuesday Facebook Thread
  • Wednesday Pinterest Thread
  • Thursday Twitter Thread
  • Friday Instagram Thread
  • Saturday Favor Thread
  • Sunday Blogger of the Week

Help a Blogger Out

The Help a Blogger Out Facebook group is another good group to join for new and seasoned bloggers. Among this collection of best Facebook groups for bloggers, this group is one of the newer ones I’ve recently joined lately. There aren’t as many daily themed posts, but the group is quite active!

The group has the following post themes:

  • Tuesday Social
  • Friday Share Thread

Blogging Boss Chicks

The Blogging Boss Chicks Facebook group is one of the best Facebook groups for bloggers because it’s a smaller group with about 5.7k members right now. But it’s not uncommon to see more than 150 comments for each of the daily themed posts in this group! You’re in a like-minded community that loves to support you and the other bloggers in this growing community.

The group has the following post themes:

  • Monday Pinterest Share
  • Tuesday Promo Day
  • Wednesday Pin Interact & Affiliate Link
  • Thursday Instagram Follow
  • Friday Pinterest Follow
  • Saturday Blog Post Share
  • Sunday Social Media Day

Blogging Newbs

The Blogging Newbs Facebook group has more than 27.4k members at this time. Inside this group, you’ll find a great, engaged community of bloggers ready to help answer any questions you might have. With daily themed posts, you’ll be able to connect with other bloggers and grow yours simultaneously.

The group has the following post themes:

  • Monday Goals
  • Tuesday Promo Day
  • Wednesday Collaboration Day
  • Thursday Social Media Promo Day
  • Friday Feedback

Grow Your Blog

The Grow Your Blog Facebook group is another great group to join to grow your blog! The community isn’t as big as others on this list; however, what I like most about this group is that every post is an all-or-nothing type of participation.

The group has the following daily post themes:

  • Twitter Retweet Thread
  • Facebook Post Thread
  • Instagram Photo Thread
  • Twitter Retweet Thread
  • Blog Click Through Thread

Blogging 101

The Blogging 101 Facebook group has more than 18k members right now (May 2022) and has a strong focus on helping and supporting other bloggers at every stage in their journey.

The group has the following post themes:

  • Monday Goals
  • Tuesday Promo
  • Wednesday Social Media Shares
  • Wednesday Collaborate
  • Thursday Feedback
  • Friday Let’s Have A Party
  • Saturday Share + Care

Bloggers United

The Bloggers United Facebook group has more than 18.9k members at the time of writing this post. This group is also another very active community with a lot of engagement possibilities to grow your blog.

The group has the following post themes:

  • Blog Comment Thread
  • Instagram Like Thread
  • Facebook Post Like Thread
  • Alexa/Blog Visit
  • Blog & Social Share Thread
  • Google+ Thread
  • Twitter Like/Retweet Thread

This post was all about the 9 best Facebook groups for bloggers.

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