111 Social Media Affirmations That Make Marketing Your Business More Positive

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Use these social media affirmations to help improve your mindset, mood, or productivity when you start feeling overwhelmed or down because of marketing!

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In this post, you’ll learn all about the best social media affirmations to use to improve your marketing mood.

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Make Marketing your blog or business online more positive

You either really love marketing — or you really loathe it with all the ferocity of the Grinch standing over Whoville with the phone book in hand. At least that’s my personal range on a daily basis…

I feel like a lot of my resistance to social media these days is genuinely self-inflicted. What I mean by that is I might be framing a picture with potential in a dull, dusty frame. I’m not one to profess the topic of mindset to the heavens, but it can be an incredibly important tool for business owners (specifically introverts like me) who have to be on social media in some capacity.

Skip straight to the good part (cue epic music montage from that one TikTok):

Use these social media affirmations to…

This blog post really spiraled out of control in a good way. I was originally aiming for anything around 30-ish affirmations. But the more I wrote, the more I realized I’d seriously underestimated this one. For ease of navigating through this epic list, I broke them up all by category:

Show up even as an introvert

Here are my best social media affirmations for showing up as an introvert:

  1. I love showing up as myself.
  2. Listening to others is more powerful than talking.
  3. I show up, and people listen or learn.
  4. I honor nature for personal space or mental health breaks when it feels aligned.
  5. I will take care of or teach others by taking care of myself.
  6. I am open to making genuine connections in my community today.
  7. I conquer my fears with small steps over time.
  8. I will not judge myself today.
  9. Intentional socializing makes me feel happier.
  10. I will impact someone today.

Heal your heart or self-confidence

Check out my favorite social media affirmations for improving your self-confidence:

  1. The content I create, write, and/or design significantly impacts my ideal buyers.
  2. I am building a positive community.
  3. I feel empowered to share my story with people who want to hear it.
  4. I post content I feel called to share.
  5. I have exactly the following I need right now.
  6. I am wholly and unapologetically myself.
  7. There is nothing my creativity cannot help me to achieve.
  8. My posts help others to feel good or take empowered action.
  9. I write truth in my content that helps lead others to their truth.
  10. My social media content has a purpose that aligns with my mission.
  11. I create authentic content free of pressure to be like anyone else.
  12. The content I create is valuable and important to others.
  13. My strategy has the power to help me grow a meaningful community.

Inspire your creativity

Swipe my best social media affirmations for sparking your creativity:

  1. New content ideas flow to me when I need them.
  2. I am in control of my creativity.
  3. My creativity will never abandon me.
  4. I will not allow things outside of my control to hinder my creative efforts.
  5. I am open to following where my creativity leads me.
  6. I embrace new challenges that allow me and my creativity to grow or learn.
  7. I am proud of my creativity.
  8. I radiate positive thoughts that allow my creativity to thrive.
  9. I manifest the freedom to explore the limitless possibilities of my creativity.
  10. I am grateful for my creativity.
  11. I already have everything I need to be creative today.

Protect your good energy

Steal these social media affirmations for protecting your good energy:

  1. Social media will not hinder my good mood.
  2. My creativity helps me sell my offers.
  3. I am free to create when it feels right.
  4. I follow others who make me feel good.
  5. Social media presents me with an abundance of good vibes.
  6. My hard work creating content pays off.
  7. My content inspires others to learn.
  8. I break free of the negative thoughts of others.
  9. I am grateful for my marketing efforts today.
  10. I choose to embrace my intention and follow where my heart guides me.

Repel imposter syndrome & toxicity

Save these social media affirmations for repelling imposter syndrome & toxicity:

  1. The content I create is worthy of engagement and being seen.
  2. I am enough.
  3. The effort I give is enough.
  4. I do not need validation from anyone but myself.
  5. My success on social media is not defined by my follower count.
  6. My reach/traffic increases as I provide value and show up.
  7. My community values me when I show up for them.
  8. I am successful on social media.
  9. My platform repels toxicity and negativity.
  10. My followers value my insights and knowledge.
  11. I compete with no one on social media.

Preserve your positivity

Make sure you preserve your positive mindset with these feel-good social media affirmations:

  1. I am creating an inclusive, welcoming space free of negativity.
  2. Opportunity is everywhere on social media.
  3. I support others I follow who make me smile
  4. Support comes to me as I create.
  5. I promote positivity in my followers’ feeds every time I show up.
  6. My social media platform is a safe space for growth, honesty, and vulnerability.
  7. Random trolls do not affect my good mindset or joy.
  8. I believe I am capable of powerful things.
  9. When something disrupts my peace, I say no or set firm boundaries.
  10. My imperfections make me unique.
  11. I will not entertain trolls or online negativity today.

Practice kinder marketing habits

Commit to practicing kinder marketing habits with these boundary-enforcing social media affirmations:

  1. I am not bound by my content plan.
  2. My worth is not defined by how much I post online.
  3. My social media analytics do not dictate my personal success.
  4. I embrace a social media strategy based on quality content.
  5. I actively measure what matters, counts, or feels right.
  6. I honor my community’s time with genuine connections & valuable content.
  7. I show up for my community when I feel called to be present.
  8. I enforce my boundaries where needed.
  9. I attract my ideal clients through my content.
  10. I post content when it serves my clients and when it feels right for me.
  11. My energy helps me to attract things that bring me true joy.

Improve your productivity

Supercharge your productivity by using these social media affirmations:

  1. I automate or delegate what doesn’t light me up.
  2. I post content with a clear, compelling message that aligns with my marketing plan.
  3. I plan content without creative barriers or other pressures.
  4. My new plan or risks on social media pay off.
  5. I am not controlled by social media (and can scroll with reasonable time limits).
  6. I will plan my content in peace today free from distraction.
  7. I look forward to posting on social media today.
  8. Marketing my business feels good.
  9. I attract motivation and creative inspiration to me.
  10. I work toward my goals little by little, day by day.
  11. My small steps have a big impact on my business.

Honor your mental health (or take a digital detox)

Give yourself some grace today by using these social media affirmations:

  1. I am present for myself. Others online can wait.
  2. My digital boundaries are sacred and firm to me.
  3. I am fulfilled away from social media.
  4. Social media does not define my worth.
  5. I set free the negativity.
  6. I am unburdened by the pressures to be someone I am not.
  7. I do not need to be on social media today.
  8. Space from social media is good for me.
  9. I am the master of determining my own worth.
  10. I am worthy without social media.
  11. Social media cannot validate me as I can.
  12. I celebrate the support I have in my life away from social media.

Commit to your epic strategy

Make a commitment to your strategy with these social media affirmations:

  1. I commit myself to one marketing or content strategy that will pay off.
  2. My strategy supports my needs, mental health, and goals.
  3. I am creating a social media platform built for me — not for others.
  4. I am resilient from the influence of others.
  5. I am confident in my current strategy.
  6. I will post consistently according to my strategy and/or content plan.
  7. My social media strategy will yield the results I want.
  8. This strategy will support me in building the community I need.
  9. I manifest the energy I need to post consistently.
  10. Challenges help me to evolve my social media strategy.
  11. Change in algorithms is my opportunity to try something new.

This post was all about my favorite social media affirmations.

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  1. Fern

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    Very great and helpful tips.
    Blogging drains me out so this is exactly what I would need to start off again.

  3. JJ Jordan

    I love these! I’m such a big fan of using affirmations. I will definitely save these for later 🙂

  4. Kalii

    So many of these hit me in my soul! I needed them!! Thank you for sharing!

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    SO awesome! Love these reminders, and I will definitely be putting a few of these affirmations in my planner and other key places to remind me when I am on social media.

  6. Jimmy

    i need these reminders thank you for sharing these

  7. Teja

    Positive affirmations have incredible power. Thanks for sharing!! Great post!

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  9. Courtney

    What a valuable resource that I didn’t know I needed! As an introvert, SMM does not come naturally to me, so I have bookmarked this!

    • Tina Smuth

      Wonderful tips. Bookmarking your blog!

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    Such wonderful affirmations for social media. I have bookmarked this and wil return often!

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    These social media affirmations are absolutely wonderful. I really love the post!

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